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Welcome to Joshua Gold Custom Clothier: Detroit's first choice for elite custom suits, fine tailoring, and luxury apparel. Located right in the vibrant heart of Motor City, we've been setting the benchmark in Detroit's custom clothing scene for many unforgettable years.

Why Joshua Gold is Detroit's Top Choice for Custom Suits and Clothing?

  1. Master Craftsmanship: Our master tailors, with years under their belts, ensure that every Detroit custom suit stitched is nothing short of a sartorial masterpiece.
  2. Premium Fabrics: We've traveled the globe to bring back the finest textiles, seamlessly blending the traditional with the contemporary in our Detroit custom clothing range.
  3. A Truly Personal Experience: From your first consultation to the final fitting, Joshua Gold offers an unrivaled personalized Detroit custom clothier experience.

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Our Services Include:

  • Custom Suits: Made to reflect your individuality, our Detroit custom suits are crafted to fit no one else but you.
  • Custom Shirts: Redefine comfort and luxury with our shirts, tailored specifically for you, echoing Detroit's finest in fashion.
  • Personal Styling: Dive deep into the world of custom tailoring with our expert stylists who ensure you always stand out.
  • Alterations: Our skilled tailors are here to fine-tune every garment in your collection, ensuring a flawless fit every time.

A Rich Detroit Custom Clothing Legacy

While Detroit is renowned worldwide for its automotive prowess, its legacy in the realm of fashion and custom tailoring is no less significant. As Motor City evolves and blossoms in this modern age, Joshua Gold Custom Clothier proudly carries forward Detroit's custom suit and tailoring tradition.

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Hear From Our Loyal Patrons

"My best Detroit custom suit experience, by far, has been with Joshua Gold. Their commitment to detail is unparalleled."
- Michael B., Detroit Resident

"For anyone looking for the zenith of Detroit luxury fashion, I wholeheartedly recommend Joshua Gold's custom shirts."
- Christina L., Fashion Aficionado

Your Exclusive Custom Clothing Experience Awaits in Detroit

At 206 W 6th Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067, stands the epitome of Detroit custom clothing—Joshua Gold Custom Clothier. The experience is exclusive; shopping is by appointment only. Secure your slot, and step into a world where luxury, comfort, and your personal style converge seamlessly.

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The Joshua Gold Custom Suit

Discover the Pinnacle of Excellence

Signature Suit

In a post covid world, we make a strong stance that there is still a critical place in a man’s wardrobe for a suit. We think that every man on the planet needs to own at least 3 suits. A staple navy, a Staple grey and a change of pace flex suit that can be worn together or the pieces can be worn independently. We prefer a softer, more natural shoulder.

We like clothing that moves with the wearer and only becomes more comfortable, the longer you own said garment. We’ll recommend our house style and house options. However, you need to love your suit. We’ll have a conversation about what exactly your suit will look like, along with your preferences. If you haven’t built your own personal style and preferences just yet, lean on us to help you along your sartorial journey.

Our house suit includes a 2 button 3.5” notched lapel jacket. Side vents in the back, with fully functional sleeves and pockets throughout. We prefer luxe interiors, that move smoothly against your shirt underneath making our garment quite comfortable. We use a horse hair and cotton canvas on the interior of our jackets, so that over time the jacket will mold to the shape of your body. Details matter, we’re highly critical of lining material, fabric selection, button material, zippers, and on and on. We love the feel of buttoning your coat with a substantial horn or pearl button. How you do the little things, is how you do everything.

The Joshua Gold Custom Trouser

Tailored to Perfection: Discover Our Custom Trousers, the Epitome of Style and Comfort for the Modern Gentleman

Signature Trouser

Our house trouser will be a flat front, plain bottom wool trouser. However, we’ve been experimenting with (refreshed) pleats and cuffs, along with the rest of the dandies of the world for the last decade. We prefer a comfortable trouser with minimal break and a rubberized waist band so that your shirt holds onto it when you’re moving about your day.

Every man needs a good half dozen pairs of trousers, mainly greys, blues and browns. This can expand as we get into seasonal trousers. Think-grey flannel or a summer weight cotton. The skies the limit.

male model wearing form fitting custom navy trousers with brown shoes

The Joshua Gold Custom Shirt

Elegance Redefined: Experience Our Bespoke Shirts, Masterfully Crafted for the Perfect Fit and Uncompromising Style

Signature Shirt

Our signature shirt is a critical factor in building your wardrobe. We recommend at least a 3-week rotation of shirts. A week’s worth you’re wearing, a week’s worth at the cleaners, and a week’s worth in the hamper so that you’re not frantically running to the cleaner while packing for a trip. 

Some clients have 10, others have 75. Most shake out between 25-35 between dress, casual, country club, and formal shirts. We tend to make our dress shirts longer so they stay fully tucked in throughout the day. We’ll leave off the breast pocket for a cleaner look. We like a sizeable collar that stands up well when going tieless. Opting for mother-of-pearl buttons is our preference, but we have the creative freedom to play with the details.

The Joshua Gold Custom Jacket

Sophisticated Silhouettes: Unveiling Our Custom Jackets, Exquisitely Designed for the Discerning Individual Seeking Timeless Style and Unmatched Comfort

Signature Jacket

The blazer has become the go-to option for the modern man. A jacket that offers refined flexibility. From the office to a cocktail party and anything in between. Our jackets have a softer shoulder than our suits or we’ll often opt for a fully deconstructed make. We’ll first lay a foundation with solid, textured blues, greys, and browns. Then will venture into colors and patterns and of course, more seasonally specific options. We have the luxury of truly experiencing all four seasons in the Midwest. We take full advantage of that fact by offering everything from heavy classic English tweeds to summer-weight Italian cashmere.

We’ll build each individual the perfectly crafted rotation of jackets, based on their life. Their work, where they spend time, travel, etc. Your wardrobe needs to amplify the man that you already are and help tell your story.

Embark on Your Style Evolution

Reach Out to Us Today and Begin Curating Your Essentials Package, Personalized to Elevate Your Wardrobe with Unrivaled Elegance and Sophistication"