• I've had two suits made by Josh and they are incredibly well fitted and look great! My first suit was done so well that I chose Josh to make my suit for my upcoming wedding. I didn't think it would be possible to make a suit look, feel and fit even better but he did it. I can't wait to show it off! If you're looking for someone with a great sense of style and attention to detail, he is your guy! - Tyler Simmons

  • Josh worked great around my time to fit me in and get sized for a shirt. He picked out styles before I showed up that would best suit me and my style. Pointing out patterns and colors that can be dressy and casual at the same time. I received my shirt surprisingly very quick and fitted perfectly! Keep up the good work! - Jordan Squire

  • Joshua has been recommending fantastic custom suits, amazing coats (from mills in England - no big deal) and on point accessories for my husband over the last 8 years. Josh has a great eye and his ability to combine colors and patterns is excellent. He gets to know his clients and knows what would work best for us - from pocket squares to great looking work shoes to cool jeans for the weekend he is always looking out. He is a really lovely person and a great haberdasher! - Jill Mida

  • Going to Josh is the best decision I have made for my wardrobe period. Most tailors and clothiers reuse the same product for a ton of their clients and it results in frequently wearing the same exact thing as 15 other people in the office. Josh always has a rotating selection of high quality material. His style, recommendations and service are always on point. - Zachary Silverman

  • Josh is extremely professional and provides great attention to detail. He makes solid recommendations and his clothing is always the perfect fit! He'll work hard to make it right and does not settle until the customer is 100% satisfied. I would strongly recommend his services! - Justin Henry

  • At the recommendation of a dear friend, I contacted Josh. My body type required me to severely alter clothing I purchased from retail stores so I decided to give this a go. Josh was extremely professional, personable, and delivered a product for which I have been extremely pleased. I purchased several suits, a sport coat, shirts and slacks for summer wear. In summary, professional service and great quality. - Bill Greene

  • I've been working with Josh for about seven years. You can't look in my closet without seeing his influence. The attention to detail is incredible. Time is taken to get to know clients. Josh has become a friend, not just the guy who helps me pick out clothing. Do yourself a favor, get suited by Joshua Gold! You won't be disappointed. I'm just waiting for his west side location... - Christopher Moffat


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